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Street Cricket
Street Cricket
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Dev: Nextwave Multimedia Inc Latest Version: 4.3 Updated: Jul 03

Street Cricket Free APK Download for Android

Who hasn’t enjoyed the honor of playing cricket in streets? If we start remembering best moments of our childhood especially people from the parts of Asia, then you would realize that the best moments were those which were spent playing Street Cricket. Definitely for most of us the best part of childhood where rules were something like

  1. Hitting the wall shall be considered out
  2. You can’t take a single when playing alone
  3. The boy who brings the bat shall bat first. And there are still much more but can’t mention all of them due to the article privileges

Street Cricket is that game in the Google's Android game store which brings back our childhood memories through a mobile cricket game. Being played by almost same rules as we used to have on the street, this game brings an ultimate street cricket experience that you never had. 

Street Cricket is a product of Next wave Multimedia Android game developers that are known for their some other amazing cricket games such as Beach Cricket about which you might have read on our site before. It seems that these developers are keen to bring us something besides the mainstream cricket which is quite a magnificent idea. There are a lot of cricket games with the official rules but very few such as street or beach cricket. 

Street Cricket has some really cool game modes. You can limited overs matches in this game. The limit for over is only 5 or 10 overs which you can always choose which one to play. You choose between batting or bowling by tossing a coin in the air as you do in the official cricket. Just like street, there are 5 players each in both of the teams and you cannot choose your batting lineup because this is something which is already pre-defined. You have the freedom to choose your bowlers, though. 

Graphics in the game are pretty impressive. Road textures and dust on the street is designed with beautiful mobile graphics technology which adds to the beauty of this game. With such impressive graphics, you won’t believe that you still run this game on Android v2.0 or higher. 

Scoring technique is quite the same as they were in our street rules. To score 2 runs, you will need to smash the ball on the other side of the building and if you directly hit the building then it would count as 1 run. 

So now you know that an amazing game of cricket is waiting for you. Download its APK right now from our site and play the game completely free.