System app remover (ROOT) APK

System app remover (ROOT)
System app remover (ROOT)
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Dev: Jumobile Latest Version: 3.6.2019 Updated: Jul 26

System app remover (ROOT) Free APK Download for Android

Rooting an Android phone is such a blessing. There are 1000s of apps that you can use after rooting your phone for which I have already told good procedures in my other articles. Another of those amazing apps that require a rooted system is System App Remover. This app has various amazing features such as handling your APK files, installing and removing apps, moving them to SD and other sources and still there are many endless features of this amazing app names as System App Remover. You can download the APK from our website but first it is always good that you read about the features of an app.

System App Remover gives you an app testing feature that tells you after installing an app whether it is good or not for your system's health. This app also clears out those apps that remain unstable and keep the Android device unstable even after you have uninstalled them. A good thing that you should know is that when you want to install app, do it freely because it works on every Android device.

System App Remover also recycles your app after deletion. This comes in handy when you need something from the deleted app and that's why you should install this app. Deleted apps might contain some useful things that you might need in the future. So you can retrieve them any times if you have installed System App Remover. You can also choose to uninstall them forever if you feel that you are not going to need it ever again.

Instead of going through the bothering process of uninstalling one app at a time, System App Remover enables you to delete multiple apps on the distance of a single tap on screen. Just select all the apps that you want to take out of your system and then simply hit the delete button. And not just this, read several other things that System App Remover can do in list below.

System App Remover helps you to move your apps to the SD card. You can also move your apps to internal phone storage from anywhere. You can sort all of your names by size, name and times just like you do on a computer.  It tells you all the information about an app like its size, APK path and many other important details. You can open any app with the help of System App Remover.  Isn't this app amazing? Download System App Remover APK right now from our website and have fun!