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Taxi Sim 2016 Description

You must have travelled a lot in the cabs and always thought how does it feel like to be a cab driver. Well, now you can try it yourself in the most realistic taxi driving game called Taxi Sim 2016. This game brings the ultimate fun of being a taxi driver, roam around the city, pickup passenger, and reach their destination to earn some money. Well, all of this is not as simple as it may seem. There are a lot of rewards and things will be coming up your way. Download the free Taxi Sim 2016 APK from our site and bring on the adventure of being a taxi driver. Let's talk about some features that you can enjoy while playing this game.

Taxi Sim 2016 Features.

Here is a list of features that you might love in this game.

1. The map in the game is very detailed. It gives you right information of the places and you can reach them more easily.
2. The car handling in the game is simply superb and realistic. Feel free to roam around the city and drive the taxi in a realistic fashion.
3. There are more types of taxis then you can imagine from different parts of the world. You can use any and drive in the city using free roam mode.
4. With the multiplayer mode, you can compete with friends and other people globally to see who is the best.
5. The graphics are very realistic. Using advanced mobile graphics technology, the inner of the car, and other stuff such as damage has been made very realistic. You don't feel like it is a mobile game.

I could tell you everything about the game but then there will be nothing left for you to find out. So don't wait anymore and download the free Taxi Sim 2016 APK to play the game.

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