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Aug 14, 2018




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Aug 14, 2018


Techworm by Techworm

Techworm is obsessed with security, privacy and cyber attacks, in fact we eat, sleep and live security and cyber security fires our ultimate goal to help create a virus, malware, hack, DDoS and leak free world(sic).

Since 2013, Techworm has been on a single minded mission to provide readers with top of shelf news and updates of whats happening in the cyber security world and who is hacking whom. We try to provide a balanced view of the hackers and the hacked, the leakers and the leaked(though sometimes we may be wrong) We hope to be a catalyst for better security environment in the ever changing cyber world where the viruses have mutated into worms and trojans, were leaks are no longer just email ids but even your personal snaps in the bathroom and DDoS attack measure 300 GB/s. a world where someone feels insecure to handle even his/her Nokia 1101. We hope to change that!

We are a team of dedicated security researchers and reporters who hunt the cyber world round the clock for important breaking news and data that can either help you or harm you, but bring it your way, so that you can prepare yourself.

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