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The name of Things
The name of Things
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The name of Things Free APK Download for Android

‘The Name of Things’ is a fantastic app which is made especially for the kids keeping in mind their needs and requirements. In this app, your children will learn a lot of new words. The app is designed to enrich their vocabulary in six languages. Moreover, the children will learn lots of fun words by relating cute artwork with their proper pronunciations in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian and German. The app also allows you to switch languages whenever you want. Each art has got its own phonetics and pronunciation translated in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Italian, and German. There are three ways to learn. Number one is of Flashcards. It is the audio of the illustrated words in six different languages. The second one is of Drag the letter, audio, and letters. In this way, the kid is supposed to reorder the letters in the right sequence. The third one is the Memory game. It is a collection of classic and fun memory games to let the children train and learn all the new words.
There are thirty words in all the six languages on the Objects Pack for free, and playable in all game modes. Extra packs are available in the app to further develop the vocabulary. The packs are of animals, fruits, transportation, vegetables, and clothing. ‘The Name of Things’ app is designed with love and care for the children. It is made with keeping in mind the child learning process. There are no limits and no stress for the kids. This app is the best place for the children to learn new things. The app is too fascinating for them. The kids have a lot of fun and great time while learning new things in the app. The graphics of the app and other color themes are also very appealing to the kids’ eyes.