The Walking Dead: Season One APK

The Walking Dead: Season One
The Walking Dead: Season One
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Dev: Telltale Games Latest Version: 1.19 Updated: Apr 05

The Walking Dead: Season One Free APK Download for Android

The Walking Dead is among one of the most read comics, most watched TV shows, and now also among one of the most played games on the android smartphone devices. This amazing adventure game from telltale brings us the android version of The Walking Dead: Season One which also got released for the bigger gaming platforms. The game has a story of survivors of the Zombie apocalypse who are fighting the troubles in this apolyptic world and now both the zombies and humans have become the threat. In this whole chaotic, apocalyptic, and intense condition, a man named Lee is being taken to the prison for the crime he did not commit and right then the police car meets an accident in which the police man dies and Lee is set free where he finds a little girl Clementine and the story continues. Both of them later make a great pair and you will be playing one of the most beautiful stories ever in the history of gaming. To get The Walking Dead: Season One, download the free apk right now from our website.

Here is a list of some of the top features and game modes.

  • Free to play.
  • Complete storyline from the original series.
  • Optimized very well.
  • Award winning title on the Androids.
  • Requires at least dual core processor and 1 GB ram.
  • Amazing story where your choices shape the story.