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Titanium Backup root
Titanium Backup root
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Dev: Titanium Track Latest Version: 8.0.1 Updated: May 31

Titanium Backup root Free APK Download for Android

Titanium Backup root is one of those apps that comprises a vast range of features that are so great that make it your first choice as a backup app for securing content on your Android tablet or the phone. After our quick review of different features on Titanium backup root, you’re going to love this for sure.  With Titanium Backup Root, you can backup, restore information and everything that is on your Android device. This incorporates all secured applications and framework applications, in addition to outer information on your SD card.

Reinforcements will work without shutting any applications (with Pro). You can move any application (or application information) to/from the SD card. You can scan any application's information and even question the Market to see data about the application. Features of Titanium Backup Root.  If we start talking about the complete features of this app, then it would take me more than a day to write and praise all of them. That’s why I have prepared a list of some major features that are Titanium backup root app which would definitely convince you to use this app.

  1. Unlike other apps, Titanium Backup root has the ability to keep multiple backups for a single app while most of the other apps can back up just once
  2. 2. It enables you to backup all your data such as MMS, SMS, Contacts, media and bookmarks as well
  3. 3. It enables you to add multiple number of users on single app data which makes it the very best backup rooting app
  4. Titanium Backup Root also has an amazing feature of App Freezer which is lacking in most of such apps
  5. It also enables encryption of the data which serves as a key factor for data security
  6. One of the most praise worthy feature of this app is its speed. It not only work faster itself but also it doesn’t affect the speed of other apps as well. Thus you can enjoy your backup root smoothly while your device is performing faster as well
  7. You can still make back up of an app even when you are using it. You don’t need to close an app each time you make a backup for it
  8. This protects your backed up data to the best of its abilities and give you a 100% guarantee that your backed up data won’t ever be deleted
  9. Titanium backup root enables you to send and save backed up data in the cloud or in email to make another backup. And then again when you want to restore it, it is just matter of a click
  10. Your apps can now be converted from WAL format by using this amazing backup root app

I hope all of these features must have touched your heart and you would definitely like to download this app (APK) right now.