Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze FREE APK

Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze FREE
Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze FREE
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Dev: GlobalFun Games Latest Version: 1.1.55 Updated: May 11

Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze FREE Free APK Download for Android

All of over the world the Tom & jerry are loved by everyone who make everyone laugh. So in this game Jerry is in this mission to find the cheese which are in different places but someone is there Jerry should be careful of Tom is a great opposition of Jerry to stop jerry from accessing the cheese. In this game of cat and mouse utilize of some the power ups and some of the house objects to stay one step ahead.  Do not forget one thing put eyes on Tom. If jerry is caught by tom then the complete game is over and the mission will be failed.  And make yourself safe from all the friends of tom whom are obstacles in your mission to avoid you from completing the mission of the game. In the complete journey Tom is alone and Tom is with his friends to stop Jerry. 

Here are some of the top features of Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze Free to enjoy.

  • Get more than 100 levels of cheese to fill with fun
  • Save yourself from Tom, all his friends and all the puzzling traps with are set
  • Utilize of trick magic hats vases, transport tunnels, and some of other modules to keep yourself safe
  • Supported languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.
  • Use your finger to guide Jerry help him pick up all the big red chees