TouchPal Emoji Keyboard APK

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard
TouchPal Emoji Keyboard
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Dev: TouchPal Emoji Keyboard Team Latest Version: Updated: Jun 17

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard Free APK Download for Android

A very cool and fun app for all the android lovers. This cool keyboard app is the favorite app of millions of people who just love everything about it. The handsome features of this app has won the hearts of all the people because the features are made with lots of love and technical intelligence. TouchPal emoji keyboard gives you the perfect typing experience with all the fun features you are going to adore. This keyboard is the perfect way to type instant messages and phrases as the intelligent predicting system of this keyboard is cool enough to give you the best ever and relatable suggestions. You can use hundreds of emoji and GIFs. As all the other apps, this emoji keyboard is also fully customizable and manageable as you decide what themes you are putting on it. It delivers the most perfect predictions and suggestions that help you type fast and easily. 

Features of this app are as follows.

  • This keyboard learns as you type the new words and make it familiar in its system so next time when you are about to type the same word, it could show you the suggestion to make it easier for you.
  • You can insert emoji and emoticons to explain what you are writing in a realistic way.
  • There are too many emoji and emoticons along with the GIFS to allow you to explain yourself better than ever.
  • There are hundreds of free themes for you to choose as the keyboard is fully customizable and you can customize the themes and features the way you want them to be.
  • You can also set various pictures as your background of the keyboard. You can choose from the provided themes and also add the desired picture to be on your background. 
  • You can also cut, copy, paste and move stuff on your clipboards. It also supports multi clipboards to make copy and pasting more convenient for you.
  • This app is free of cost but it does have in app purchases so you can buy additional features and themes for your better experience.

Download the TouchPal keyboard and have your words on your fingertips.