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Twitter Free APK Download for Android

Twitter is the coolest application ever on the Android app store. This basically is an online social application that lets you connect to the people who you love and also with those who interest you. Twitter has come to be known worldwide by the little blue bird which serves as its logo.

You can sign up for Twitter with an email address that you already have, and Twitter will let you have a whole wall to yourself for your feeds where you can express yourself in many ways and let those who follow you know how you feel and what your thoughts are.

A lot of celebrities and political figures have accounts on Twitter who update their followers, the people on Twitter who have subscribed to their accounts, about their most recent events, proceedings and thoughts before their fans discover it on the media elsewhere. So Twitter lets you be the very first to get the breaking news. You can follow your favorite actors, actresses and others to get in touch with them also getting closer virtually.

If you register on Twitter with your email account you would be able to write posts too but if you don’t you will only be able to just see other user’s posts.

Posting on Twitter is actually limited to 140 characters and you have to express yourself in the given space, which is so cool as it lets you use your mind more and utter your thoughts out in a specific range of words, which are called “tweets”. 

Posts are visible to the public by default but the user can restrict the visibility of their own posts to only their followers. 

Twitter is more than just a place to read and send messages. You can like and comment on the posts of the people you are following. You use the symbol @ for mentioning a user in your comment if you want to reply to just a single person. You can also forward an individual’s tweet and redirect it to your own feed, this is called retweeting. Twitter also lets you use cool hashtags, the symbol # prefixed with a word, (#ICC T-20WCup) to get all the news about a certain topics being discussed on Twitter.

If you want to convey a message to someone and don’t want it to be public and visible to everyone, you can do so by writing a private message to people on Twitter although there is no word limit in writing a private message to whomever you like on Twitter.

Now Twitter users can also share theirs or the one’s they are following’s posts on Facebook, email, WhatAapp and also via SMS. It also links with different websites like Instagram, YouTube etc. 

Twitter is the best place to be to get the fastest updates from everywhere and everyone.

Download Twitter on your Android operated phone or tablet and be part of the amazing world. Follow the link below which will take you to the Twitter APK file on our website for fast downloading.