UC Browser HD for Tablet APK

UC Browser HD for Tablet
UC Browser HD for Tablet
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UC Browser HD for Tablet Free APK Download for Android

Moments ago I was writing about the famous internet browser, UC Browser Mini and now I just realized that along with that I should also write the HD version of the UC browser which UC Browser HD. There is not much difference between the key features of both web browser except that UC Browser HD is for smartphones and tablets with higher resolutions and better picture quality. Also it is faster and being built for the higher versions of the Android. But this is not all and we would talk in detail about the key features UC Browser HD as well.

Just like mini version, UC Browser HD also has all the key features such as night mode, incognito mode, video gestures, bookmarks and some other that were mentioned in the UC Browser Mini article. But this is not all because UC Browser HD also has some more features that you won’t get in the mini version. Want to know what are they? Just keep reading ahead.   UC Browser HD brings you more speed to stream and watch online movies, T.V shows and sports streaming. You can enable speed mode in the UC Browser HD and then you won’t believe what you would be witnessing there. UC Browser HD also has stable and faster download feature that was something lacking in the mini version and of course you can’t everything from the previous version of the UC Browser.

UC Browser HD also provide you an amazing feature in web browsing which is ad-blocking. Now while browsing internet on UC Browser HD, you won’t be bothered by annoying ads that pop-up their heads while you enjoying surfing on the internet. Ad-block in this browser is not an ordinary one and works better than in most of the other browsers.  There are some other features that come with UC Browser HD such as Facebook and social media shortcuts which takes away the worry of opening them by web addresses. With fast mode, you can surf internet faster and also save a lot of your data that was being wasted due to slow browsing.

The app holds a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store which shows, that amazing this UC Browser HD is. Now you will be able to enjoy all the amazing features of UC with fast mode and HD screen quality. So don’t wait on and look forward to download this app from our website and enjoy