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Unblock Me FREE Free APK Download for Android

Unblock Me FREE is the biggest puzzle games on the play store with more than 15000 puzzles. This definitely is a big number and it will take you months or years to complete it. The is designed with a lot of game modes and beautiful graphics so that you never feel bored of the game. Unblock Me FREE game modes are truly the unique modes every built in a puzzle game. There are other lots of features that we are about to tell you. Download the free APK for installing Unblock Me FREE on your device and begin the longest puzzle adventure you ever had.

Unblock Me FREE Game Modes.

First, there are two basic game modes called Relax and challenge modes. In the relax mode, you can take as long as you want to complete a puzzle and it will be much easier. You will complete each puzzle very easily and it is not much of a challenge to complete the game. The challenge mode, however, is a real mess. The game gets very difficult once you are in this mode and puzzles are hard to beat. Also, the game gets very difficult time-wise and you will need to be quick.

Unblock Me FREE Features.

Here is a list of some main features from the game.

1. The multiplayer mode is something really awesome. Once you have mastered the game, join people on to enjoy more difficult challenges.
2. The can be connected to Google play account where your progress can be saved or shared.
3. There are more than 15000 puzzles and about 4 games modes starting from beginner and ending at the hardened more.
4. Unblock Me FREE has 21 Google achievements which will enhance your reputation.
5. The special hints in the game enable you to complete the puzzles which seem impossible to complete.

To play the game, download the free APK from our website and bring on the ultimate puzzle fun.