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Violin: Magical Bow
Violin: Magical Bow
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Dev: rubycell Latest Version: 20170430 Updated: May 12

Violin: Magical Bow Free APK Download for Android

Violin is a beautiful music instrument which always creates pleasing and heart clinching melodies in the sound of which, you just want to drown forever. If you want to enjoy playing Violin on your android smartphone then it is time that you get this beautiful music app named Violin: Magical Bow which brings some ultimate violin play on your phone. The app is developed by Ruby Cell for the android operating system and this was the best music app of 2016 for the androids. With amazing play modes which result in thousands of realistic melodies, Violin: Magical Bow is a complete and realistic package which can definitely fulfill your passion of playing violin in your free time. To get this app, download the free apk for Violin: Magical Bow right now from our website.

Here is a list of some of the top features which you are going to enjoy while having this app.

  • Violin: Magical Bow is an absolutely free music app with three major playing modes.
  • The three major modes are play with chords, play with notes, and have fun with Violin.
  • With 1st game mode which is have fun with Violin, simply play it with a bow and create beautiful music.
  • In Play with Notes, you will need to press on finger board or you can prompt a song by selecting from the list.
  • Choose chords from the library and play them with a bow in the Play with Chords mode.
  • To join the leaderboards, go online and connect with Facebook.
  • You can also compete your friends in the player vs. player mode online.