Violin APK

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Dev: Egert Latest Version: 1.4 Updated: Sep 10

Violin Free APK Download for Android

The violin is one of the most beautiful musical instrument and my most favorite. The tunes it plays especially the way it was used in creating a theme for Game of Thrones made me fall in love with it. Many people like myself want to play and unless we start playing it in real life, we can use this app named Violin to play it on our smartphones and enjoy the beautiful tunes we can create. To install this wonderful music app, you can download the free APK from our site and start playing the violin to create the magical melodies.

Violin Features.

Here is a list of all the features that are available in this melodious app as per the play store’s description.

  • Have Fun with Violin: Play along with Violin bow like a real Violinist with songs in the Game Mode.
  • Play with Notes: press notes on Fingerboard. You can select a Violin Scales for free-play or select a song and follow the prompt notes. In this mode, record feature enables you to record your own songs.
  • Play with Chords: Use violin bow to play a hundred chords in the Chords Library.
  • Select songs from Songbook then select Viola or Cello instrument (if available) to play.
  • While playing music, switch between instruments by pressing Instruments button at the Bottom-Left corner screen.
  • Login Facebook to save your level and score.
  • Play and Compete with your friends.

To install this app, download the free APK right now from our site and start playing the melodious music right now.