Wave - Private Location App APK

Wave - Private Location App
Wave - Private Location App
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Dev: Wave App S.L. Latest Version: 3.0.12 Updated: Jun 11

Wave - Private Location App Free APK Download for Android

Wave! Whenever you want to know about a closed ones location, just wave! Wave is the simplest and easiest way to know where your loved ones are. Whether they are in a coffee shop, at the movies, at the school, surfing around or with a friend, you can know their location in a few minutes. This app allows you to know and figure out where your concerned people are. It shows the exact location or even when they are moving continuously, you can see their moving location on a private map. This app helps you find your loved ones in minutes.

The features of this app are as follows.

  • To find a friends location, pick his or her contact and send them a request asking them for their location.
  • Once the contact you have requested accepts your locating request, you would be able to see their location.
  • You can also leave messages and choose a meeting point and your friend will see it on the board.
  • Your location is safe and secure with this app as you won't be searched out without your permission.
  • Once a wave is expired, you will have to connect the wave to see your locations again.
  • This shows you the real time moving locations on private maps.
  • The setup is simple and reliable.
  • The user interface is handy and easiest.
  • It automatically imports all your contacts in the app.
  • You just need a WiFi or data connection to use this app, no other charges are required.