World T20 Cricket Champs 2016 APK

World T20 Cricket Champs 2016
World T20 Cricket Champs 2016
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World T20 Cricket Champs 2016 Free APK Download for Android

Being a cricket fan, if you have been looking for a game which has almost everything and all the game modes which you would want in a good cricket game then finally, your wait is over. World T20 Cricket Champs 2016 is an epic sports game in which there are more features than there ever were in any game before. Now you can play a lot of tournaments, exhibition matches, practice in nets and a lot of stuff along with realistic gameplay and beautiful graphics. This is one of the most complete cricket games ever. To install World T20 Cricket Champs 2016, download the free APK right now and begin the fun.

Here is a long list of features which you are going to enjoy in this game.

• All the major teams from the cricket world are in this game including Pakistan and India.
• Simple gameplay.
• 5 different types of bowlers to face: Fast, Medium Pace, Leg-Spin, Off-Spin and Swing bowlers.
• Choose to hit straight down the ground, or play the ball on the off or leg side.
• Time your shots, play with or against the spin.
• Bowl as Fast, Medium, Off-Spin and Leg-Spin bowlers. Bowl Yorkers, Short balls and Spin the opponents out!
• Dominate your opponents using your Power Shots, and WIN every match!
• A dynamic bowling system ensures that no two matches are alike!
• Knock the ball out of the park with a range of Power-Shots like Helicopter Shot, Dilscoop, Square Cut, Paddle Shot, Reverse Sweep and much more!
• Great graphics and animations.
• Cricket grounds with Day, Evening and Nighttime feel.
• Record your own Career Stats.
• Play as a captain and manage your own team.
• Hire a Batting Coach or a Bowling Coach to improve your team's performance and help reduce the target scores whenever required.

There is everything which you would want from a complete game so play it right now. Get the free APK for the game right now and begin the fun.