Yolo Browser Mini - Safer APK

Yolo Browser Mini - Safer
Yolo Browser Mini - Safer
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Dev: YOLO Family Latest Version: Updated: Apr 17

Yolo Browser Mini - Safer Free APK Download for Android

YOLO browser is one of the top browser apps and this app is a mini version of it. This smooth and amazing browser with great performance allows you to surf with high level of security and ease. This app is so convenient and useful. It saves you from phishing, malwares and money deduction servers. The performance is super smooth, the interface is handy and the speed is commendable.

Wonderful features of this app are as follows.

  • It is a mini browser filled with all greatest features.
  • You can experience the greatness of this browser without any cost.
  • It has all wonderful features of the full version YOLO browser.
  • It manages all your browsing activities to provide you the best ever surfing experience.
  • It has a speed dial on the main page so you can easily and quickly go to the sites that you love.
  • You can work seamlessly on multiple tabs and this browser keeps it utterly convenient.
  • You find entertainment, information and latest news immediately at your homepage.
  • It provides you with the fastest search engine so you can search and surf with fastest speed possible.
  • You can make a search anytime anywhere.
  • It saves your data when you are on mobile network internet and also warns you when you enter a site that can deduct your money or cause harm to your phone.
  • You can also get the YOLO gifts like trophies, points and secret hampers.
  • This mini YOLO browser comes with a built in download manager that allows you to download your favorite files on the go.
  • You can also manage the downloaded files with ease like renaming, deleting etc.
  • It also blocks the ads as you surf so you don’t get irritated.
  • It allows you to surf through the private tab so you don’t leave behind any mark or history. You can also use this private tab when you are logging in to your bank account so your activity stays private.
  • It has a little size with all greater features to provide you smooth browsing experience.
  • It also increases the browsing speed when you are suffering from weak strength of internet connection.
  • You can also switch the night mode on so you save battery and data usage.
  • The design of YOLO mini browser is simple yet stunning.
  • It is available whenever you want to conduct any searches and it gets you the most related searches.
  • You can also synchronize your files and data with your computer.

YOLO Browser has all superior features in a compact mini size. This app is a must have for all android users. This app is compatible with all latest versions of android. It doesn’t affect your phone’s speed or performance. Download the APK file of YOLO browser to experience the smoothest browsing.