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Dev: GAMEVIL Inc. Latest Version: 1.2.1 Updated: Jul 03

ZENONIA® 5 Free APK Download for Android

A long time past, a great war was fought between the powers of light and dark to ensure peace and harmony among mankind. Peace prevailed for some time but then again darker powers started corrupting the hearts of man with greed and selfishness. Those who were bestowed with power and started exploiting the deprived, hence the wealthy became cruel masters of the poor, and darkness came over the kingdom.

But then there is light even in the darkest caves from the ruins of the cruelty of the rich in a village rose a hero destined for greatness. 

This hero is you. The definitive action RPG brings you the best role play game ever, Zenonia 5. On this game you play like you have never played before, you see like you have never seen before and you feel like you have never felt before. All the actions on this wonderful RPG synchronize in adjustment with your second by second response and actions. You play like you have submerged into the cruel world and you feel like the real hero and savior of the kingdom.

The game lets you fight and defeat otherwise undefeatable aristocrats and unfold mysteries of the Deva Castle in astonishing HD. The graphics are spectacular and you feel like never taking your eyes off your devices screen.

Zenonia 5 lets you experience the game through four thrilling hero classes; Berseker, Mechanic, Wizard and Paladin, each equipped with unique strengths and their own peculiar moves.

The game further facilitates the user in letting you customize your own hero. You can choose and equip your hero with an array of strengths, powers and moves that  you seem fit so that your game becomes as exciting as you want it. Along the game you can level up and unravel more mysteries, winning new items and rewards as you further down the abyss. 

Take on challenges as you play in asynchronous PvP with characters from all over the world. But this doesn’t end here. Zenonia 5 lets you have more fun than you could ever ask for; it has a number of side quests and adventures and a new story every time. The challenge just never stops and the hero must strive to free the poor from the shackles of the rich for good. This is done in a variety of new levels and quests that the hero has to complete to fulfill his destiny as the savior.

This more than wonderful game is available on the Android app store but you can download it fast and quick right here on our website, by clicking on the APK files of the application here. Once downloaded you would be able to turn your leisure time into fun playing  and going into the spectacular graphics and game features of Zenonia 5.

Happy playing!