App Hider PRO APK 2021 For Android


APP HIDER PRO is the best app to hide your apps, photos, and videos. It is especially for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. This is also an amazing app cloner for you to easily access your different accounts from a single device. Moreover, we can hide photos and videos which we want nobody else to see. Your data is completely secure here. It is guarded by a password. You can simply change the password any time you want. It turns itself into a calculator so no one can even think it is a hiding app. Type the correct password on the calculator and the app’s home screen shows up. Hide your data for free using this app.


Everybody needs privacy nowadays. If you are using a device that is used by many others and you don’t know how to hide your data here you will get to know how you can hide your data. Furthermore, you can keep a password to make sure no one can reach your data. When it turns into a calculator it properly works as a calculator. Hide your app with just a few clicks. Download this app for free. It is downloaded and liked by millions of peoples. Some users need to install a tiny supporting app of 64 bits for proper use of WhatsApp and telegram. Download the app from the links given below.


Clone the apps to access different accounts from one device. This app runs on all versions of android. You can clone any of your apps. It is a full package of hiding and cloning your apps. This type of app was awaited for a long time and here we are with this app to solve all our problems from a single place. Cloning is now easier with the help of this app. This app is free of advertisements.


Following are some of the awesome features of APP HIDER PRO APK which will let you know in what ways this app can help us.

  • Hide the apps you want.
  • Clone apps.
  • Hide photos and videos.
  • Transform this app into a calculator.
  • Privatize your data.
  • Works on all devices.
  • Easy to use and safe platform.


This app is verified from google play services so it is safe and secure to download and use. No third party can reach your data. You can convert the app into a calculator. Keep a password on your app. Nobody can reach your data unless he knows the password. Keep your password secret and don’t tell to anyone.


At last, I will recommend you to download this app now from the links given below. This app is free to download, unlike others which first need to be purchased and then you can use the app. The app does not have any advertisements to interfere with your usage. This is the best app to hide your apps, photos, and videos.

Download Links:

Downloading the latest App Hider PRO APK for Android free from here. The application APK is being shared below to download free.

Download App Hider PRO APK

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