Audio Manager APK (Hide It Pro) For Android

Audio Manager APK

Audio Manager helps users to monitor the sound parameters on the Android system. They are provided with different audio parameters to adjust when a user accesses the program.

Each android software edition comes with a specific built-in feature. Audio Manager, however, masks the best function beside a swipe up of the software key.

A proxy server unlocks the secret purpose of the application. A protection locker that hides knowledge from public scrutiny. Mask It Professional is the actual name of the Audio Manager. But only the user of the system can do the same. So, go and check out this app.

How Does Audio Manager/Hide It Pro Function?

Users can import and update Cover It Pro on the Google Play Website. The program is install as an Audio Manager on the computer. With a special software symbol display. It is only the smartphone owner who can know the true existence and purpose of the applications.

All else can see nothing more often than voice activation as they enter the app. In reality, the audio pedals and configurations offered are very much in-depth. Enabling flexibility outside Android inventory configurations. It’s fascinating that this “false” app is completely functioning and clearly laid out.

Cover It Pro opens rather than the bogus software by lengthy-pressing on the Audio Controller. Cover It Pro is a security-focused technology that allows users on their smartphones to cover information.

From papers to photos and videos to whole applications for safe custody, they can pick anything. This couldn’t be simpler to send information from the mobile into a protected archive. So, the information or software over there is a shield from anyone except the key user of the computer.

An additional code mechanism further prevents data in the database from unintentional detection.

Information and apps hider

However, cover It Pro is working as expected, and that’s a wonderful thing. For several disadvantages or questions. So, the application does not really arrive. A person must not find pressure collapses or quality issues with any intensity throughout daily usage.

Information and apps are hide from sight. But this information will not be stumble on by the crash by a casual viewer. The information cannot be noticed only by anyone searching, since Cover It Pro is so efficient.

Maybe the only drawback entails greater battery consumption than usual. Which consumers will or will not find on the basis of their smartphones.

Not everybody on their mobile or tablet wants a safe directory. Far less people require a protected directory that is secret. Cover It Pro, however, executes its roles beyond hesitation. The functionality of the Audio Manager is not too poor neither.

All through daily use, many comparable apps cause issues.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Cover It Pro blocks people from accessing applications and data.
  • However, the alternative code provides excellent protection against invasion.
  • Seamless consumer experience in the application and outstanding overall software package.


  • Battery capacity on some phones with both the application operating can struggle.
  • That not everyone wants this kind of application for regular usage.

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We host the latest Audio Manager APK for your Android. You can easily download the latest application APK from below.

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