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17 Aug 2020


DSploit APK is a tool that allows you to track down vulnerabilities in your computer system and perform penetration testing activities. dSploit APK is basically a security tool that will give you a complete network analysis of your system without much hassle!

By installing dSploit APK you can easily hack into your Wi-Fi key system, crack logins of other protocols including TCP protocols, detect vulnerabilities in your computer system and perform other functions like password sniffing through MITM tools and much more!

Current Version

The current version of dSploit APK in use is 1.0.31b with an installation size of 6.4 MB and is compatible with almost all Android devices.


  • dSploit APK is completely free of cost.
  • The app is easy, simple and flexible to use.
  • dSploit APK can trace passwords from headers like FTP, HTTP, imaps, MSN, IRC and many others.
  • You can now also listen to cookies and also hijack sessions over the web.
  • dSploit APK also allows you to perform a trace route of the target you are aiming for.
  • The best feature of dSploit APK is that because of the addition of ‘port scanner’ feature you can now quickly open ports with a single target.
  • You can now also surf blocked websites by hacking the prevention code of blocked sites by using dSploit APK.
  • Through dSploit APK you can now also detect vulnerabilities through the national vulnerability database.
  • dSploit APK will only work on a device which has been rooted previously. So, you will have to root your smartphone first before installing dSploit APK in order for the app to work on your mobile.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to navigate around.
  • You do not need to watch a tutorial to learn how to use this application because there are no complicated steps involved, allowing even beginners to use the app without much hassle.
  • dSploit APK will redirect all your network/HTTP traffic to another address so you can surf the web comfortably.
  • dSploit APK will also replace all your search engine images and videos with specified ones so that you only get to see the content which is considered relevant to what you’re searching.
  • By using dSploit APK you can also customize the text of your web page however you wish.
  • dSploit APK app also includes MITM (Man-in-the-Middle) tools, allowing you to have complete control over your network.
  • You can also customize a TCP or UDP packet and send it to the specific target you are aiming at.

Unfortunately, dSploit APK is not available on Google Play Store. However, you can still download dSploit APK from any external link available on the internet for free.  But remember dSploit APK is only compatible with Android version 2.3 and above.

Download Links

We host DSploit APK files on fast servers. You can download the APK file at blazing fast speeds by clicking the download link below.

Download DSploit APK

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