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ارتغرل غازی اردو: Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu APK:

The Ertugrul Ghazi or Ertugrul Ghanmaz is the most commonly spoken language in Pakistan. The language is also known as the Pakistan dialect because of the large number of people who speak it as their primary language. This is also the main language spoken in the areas that are under the administrative control of the government of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has decided to include the language in the school curriculum so that children of a particular age can be conversant in the language. The educational institutes have included the language in the syllabus so that students can learn it easily and improve their conversational skills in order to interact with the masses.

About Script:

The Ertugrul Ghazi is a fictional script written in Urdu. The script is usually created for television, but some well-written scripts are also written in Urdu for the sole purpose of being performed in an actual Pakistani theatre. The script is composed of around eighty episodes which are divided into three parts. The first part consists of the dialogue between the characters, which is followed by scenes from the show. The second part comprises the storyboard and the third part is the music.

How popular it is?

The Ertugrul Ghazi TV show is hugely popular among the people in Pakistan. It has been watched by thousands of viewers from different parts of the country. The storyboard is created by Pakistani artists who are professionals in the field of screenwriting and are very experienced. They know how to present the script in the best possible way so that it can entertain as many people as possible.

The show has been made popular by Al Jazeera TV. The news station has broadcasted episodes of the show twenty times which have been viewed by millions of viewers. Many other channels are also showing episodes of the show. The show has also been featured on a number of popular news channels. Every week a new episode is telecasted and it enjoys a huge audience.

Character of the show:

The main character of the show, Dr. Ajmal was played by T.V. star, Shazahn Behbeh. The main storyline of the show revolves around the attempts of Dr. Ajmal to save the marriage of his friend, Leela. His constant attempts to kiss her have always ended in vain until he realizes that she is also interested in kissing a boy named Bilal.

The story of Dr. Ajmal begins when he comes across a mentally disturbed boy named Bilal at a mental hospital. The doctor ends up persuading Bilal’s parents to let him marry their daughter Leela. But when the parents of Bilal find out about the wedding, they decide to stop the marriage. They tell Ajmal that the marriage cannot be carried on and that they will file a case of dowry against Ajmal.

The story of Ertugrul Ghazi:

The story of Ertugrul Ghazi continues with Ajmal trying to stop his parents from executing the dowry law. He enters the house of the girl’s friend, Zafar. She tells him that they have been planning for such a grand occasion for several years. Then, unbeknownst to him, a disguised man tries to shoot him dead. But in the ensuing struggle, Ajmal manages to shoot the man and save Leela.

The show became immensely popular around the world and its popularity continues to grow. It has also been nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe for its screenplay. Many other award-winning films have also been produced based on the same theme as Ertugrul Ghazi.

However, the success of the series did not end there. There have been several television series based on it. These series have given equal time to both the male and female characters. Many Pakistani actors have given their best performance in the series. It is also worth mentioning that Saleh Kamin and Sharukh Khan have also done amazing work in the TV series.

Recent information:

A recent news article pointed out that Pakistan’s progress in improving its economy has made it the richest country in the world. It has become so prosperous that major international companies are now opting for investments in Pakistan over India and China. This indicates the increasing importance of the Ertugrul Ghazi Show on television.

What it describes:

The show is all about normal life, but at the same time, it tackles themes that are sensitive and important to Pakistan. As a result, a number of youngsters have been attracted to the show and they have found it to be their favorite. They have appreciated the way the show has managed to portray the hardships and challenges that ordinary people go through in their everyday life.

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