GameCIH APK v3.0.3 Free Download For Android (Latest)


Gamecih is an app through which you can hack into your smartphone games to acquire more credit. The credit may be in any form whether it is more coins, more lives, or even more prizes. Pretty interesting for all smartphone gamers?

However, the downside of Gamecih App is that you can only play games offline. This is because there is a huge chance that the game developers could detect your illegal gaining of coins or more lives. So, if you are caught hacking online, chances are you can get banned from the game.

Current Version

The current version of Gamecih App is 3.0 with an installation size of 1.8 MB mostly compatible with common Android devices.


  • It is available in the English Language, hence making it easier for anybody to download and use it.
  • The Gamecih App is completely free of cost.
  • You can become a topper in any game with this app!
  • The Gamecih App also serves as a memory editor.
  • Through Gamecih App you can also modify the speed of your game.
  • It is also possible to modify the state of any game you are playing including features like money, immunity, more score, HP, etc.
  • The Gamecih App works best with a smartphone that has been rooted already beforehand.
  • Through Gamecih App you can store and change any memory setting on your device.
  • The app is very flexible and easy to use.
  • There are no complicated settings to be made or changes to be done in your in order to install this app and moreover the app is easy to navigate through.
  • The best feature of Gamecih App is that it is compatible with the older versions of Android OS as well. So, users with outdated smartphone models can easily avail of this app as well.
  • Gamecih APK is a very popular cheat app that has been used in countless Android games over the years because unlike other cheat apps this app is extremely easy to understand.
  • Gamecih App works best with app games and also it most probably won’t work with multiplayer online games (MMOs) and other role-playing games (RPGs) so make sure you check if your game is compatible or not before installing it.

Unfortunately, the Gamecih App is not available on Google Play Store.  You will need to download from any link available on the Internet.  Also, Gamecih App is not compatible with all Android models so make sure you check the compatibility before downloading it. Other than this, you’re good to go!

APK Download Link

Here is the direct APK download link for GameCIH APK from our fast and secure servers. Download the original and latest GameCIH APK from below.

Download GameCIH APK

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