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When PUBG Mobile first came out on the screens, no one thought that this game will take the world in a storm. And during a short span of time, the mobile game was declared to be the most popular, most addictive, and most played Battle Royale game of this era. This game is so addictive that several nations banned it in an attempt to stop their youth from playing this game.

What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the PUBG game available for mobile devices. In its classical mode, 100 players are taken by a plane and they are dropped on the battlefield to go through a fierce fight. Primarily, the players are grouped in squads of 4 players and thus 25 squads compete with each other to get a Chicken Dinner.

Passes & Seasons in PUBG

PUBG Mobile spans over seasons and each season lasts for 4 weeks. Players need to purchase passes to get items during a season. PUBG Mobile has its own cash unit called Unknown Cash (aka. UC) that players either need to earn in the game or they need to purchase it by spending real money.

PUBG UC can be purchased online at several stores including this one. In addition to credit card payments, players can use their mobile network’s balance as well if their carrier is supported.

Here are a few perks that the players get when they purchase a season pass in PUBG mobile:

  • They get some RP points
  • They get a chance to win more RP points quickly
  • Players are awarded with items like uniforms, gun skins, and so on
  • They get more missions to complete and to increase their RP

The current season in the PUBG Mobile is Season 14 and it was started in the month of July, 2020.

Guns & Weapons

The realistic guns in the game are one of the hottest items that make PUBG the most successful game of this era. In classic mode, PUBG Mobile comes with the following guns:

  • M416
  • M762
  • AKM
  • Uzi
  • M24
  • Kar98
  • UMP

This list isn’t complete. There are several more guns and pistols available in the game but they are the most popular ones. These guns can be found in the abandoned buildings in the battlefield. In addition to these guns, you can find cocktail oil, and hand grenades as well.

The AWM is the most powerful gun in PUBG Mobile

During the game, a plane drops a crate that contains some monster guns. The airdrop gets the attention of all the players as it releases smoke and almost all the players attempt to loot the crate each time. Although the loot contains great monster guns, the chances are that you might get killed. The airdrop may contain these guns:

  • AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum)
  • M249
  • MK14

AWS (Arctic Warfare Magnum) is a monster sniper rifle that can penetrate even a level 3 helmet. The chances are very low for the enemy to survive if you shot them with this powerful gun.

M249 is also a unique gun that you can find in an airdrop. This gun loads 100 bullets and you will never run out of bullets while firing at enemies. This guns come handy when you are there to compete with more than 2 enemies.

Other Items in PUBG Mobile

Other items in PUBG Mobile include the health kits, energy boosters, scopes, and vehicles. You can ride on bikes, can drive cars, and can use health kits and energy boosters to strengthen yourself again whenever an enemy’s bullet hits you.

How to Download and Play PUBG Mobile

We are offering the latest downloadable files for PUBG Mobile (Android). Below links will download APK & the OBB data file for the latest version of PUBG Mobile for you. Download the game, install on your Android device, and start playing the game.

Download Links

Download PUBG Mobile OBB File

Download APK File

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