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Mega Event: Download the Thoptv app apk and watch IPL 2021 live on your Android device starting from April 09, 2021.

Thoptv APK for Android: Watch IPL 2021 online on Thop TV. One of the best entertainment apps that brought live TV on Android devices is the viral Thoptv app. This free Android app is being updated very frequently. The app is maintained well in order to support the latest TV channels. Ranging from live cricket matches to drama serials, you can watch everything on this free Android app.

At APKBucket, we are providing the latest APK file of Thoptv app. It is free and you can download the full APK file from our FTP servers. While we will be talking about the app in-depth throughout this article. If you aren’t interested in reading about it and if you are just looking to download the APK file, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Is Thoptv Android app Legal?

Before downloading this entertainment Android app on your device, you may ask either this app is legal or not. To answer your question, Thoptv streams some channels that violate the copyrights of the providers. This doesn’t mean that it is an illegal app. It streams a lot of free channels too so it is controversial to say that the app is illegal or legal.

If you are worried about any legal penalty, then you don’t need to worry about anything. Downloading this app and installing it on your Android device to watch matches is not a crime. The creator of this app is responsible to tackle any legal actions taken by the broadcasters.

Update: For IPL 2021, the broadcasting rights of live cricket matches are held by Star Sports Group and they are the sole owners of the streaming content. This TV streaming app infringes the copyrights by streaming live IPL matches during IPL 2021.

About Thoptv App APK

The story around this started when Thopster Athen started a simple app for Android OS. That app was named Thoptv and it aggregated a lot of TV channels in a single place. This app brought both FTA (aka. Free to Air) and encrypted TV channels. Live channels were covered as well as several pre-recorded serials, entertainment shows, cricket matches, and other media were available on this app.

ThopTV latest version
Thop TV for Android

And very quickly, users started loving this app. That’s the reason behind several thousand or several million searches for the APK file by a lot of Android users around the world. The most popular region that searches for ThopTV is India followed by USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Pakistan, and others. In every part of the country where cricket fans are living, Thop TV is known. The IPL mega event is going on and ThopTV is entertaining cricket followers by offering live streaming of IPL and several other matches. Grab ThopTV APK from the direct download links provided at the bottom of this page and start entertaining yourself.

The latest officially released APK absolutely safe when downloaded from our website. We grab it from the official source and then put it on our CDN servers to serve the APK download to you at fast speeds. Download it directly and install the app on your Android device to enjoy unlimited entertainment.

The Latest v45.2.3 Download is Available

As of April 3rd, 2021, the app version is v45.1.0. Its APK file is available for download from this page. This latest version addresses several bugs and it improves the streaming overall. Download the ThopTV v45.1.0 APK file from the download links provided at the bottom of this page.

[Update] Watch IPL 2021 Live

IPL 2021 has started in UAE and its thrilling matches are going on. You can watch IPL matches live on ThopTV on various live TV channels. Star Sports all channels including both HD, UHD, and SD as well as some other dedicated streaming of IPL live can be watched on Thoptv’s latest version. Get the latest version APK file of Thoptv and start enjoying IPL matches on the go.

More about Thoptv APK

ThopTV is an Android app. This app supports both phones and tablets. By installing this free app on your device, you open unlimited opportunities for entertainment in your palm. You can watch a lot of live TV channels from around the world including Indian, the US, and other nations.

This app streams the videos to you using direct HD links. Thus the content quality is fabulous. You can watch live channels in HD quality. The users of ThopTV enjoy live cricket matches the most followed by drama serials and comedy shows.

Things to Watch on Thoptv

Using this amazing Android app, you can watch tons of dramas, live cricket matches, and so on. Here is a brief list of the media types that you can watch on ThopTV Android app. Download the latest version APK file from APKBucket and start enjoying the below listed and several other media on live TV channels using ThopTV.

Watch Live Cricket

Live cricket is the most-watched content on ThopTV. It doesn’t matter who is the broadcaster of the cricket match you are interested in, ThopTV brings you all the channels. It ensures that you never miss your favorite cricket match.

During cricket matches in India, the servers of ThopTV receive the highest traffic. And our download pages also received huge traffic during cricket matches of the Indian cricket team in the past.

For the last several months, this app is being loved by users a lot. If you want to enjoy live cricket matches on the go, download the ThopTV APK file from our download links below, and you will never miss a match onward.

Drama Serials

Drama serials are famous across the female population and ThopTV covers all the drama serials as well. Download the free app on your device and don’t miss even a single episode of your favorite serial. You can watch the serials from different TV channels in HD quality.

Don’t worry if you aren’t at home and in front of your TV for some reason during the hours of your favorite drama serial. ThopTV is there to help you watch the serial on the go. Simply download the APK file below and you will be carrying your TV with you anywhere, anytime.

Comedy Shows

Several comedy shows are broadcasted by several TV channels across the world. Due to copyright issues, we can’t name a few here. But you should have understood that your favorite comedy show is covered by the ThopTV Android app. Download the latest APK file for free from our servers, install ThopTV, and start watching your comedy show without getting interrupted.

There is a huge number of channels in this app. So you can get access to the content from any TV channel. Enjoy your moments watching your favorite comedy shows on your phone onward.

Live News

Not just the entertainment world, ThopTV covers live news and current affairs as well. If you have an interest in politics, current affairs, and in latest happenings around the globe, this app is your mini TV in your pocket. Take it anywhere and stay updated with the latest news across the world.

How to Update Thoptv APK?

If you have already downloaded ThopTV previously and now want to update it to the latest version, follow these instructions:

  • Download the APK from our servers
  • Uninstall the previously installed app
  • Open the latest APK file on your device
  • Install ThopTV latest version

That’s it. You just need to uninstall the previous version, download the latest APK from our website, and install the latest version to enjoy your favorite TV channels.

Why do I need Thoptv APK?

Due to copyright claims by TV broadcasters, Thoptv is not available on Google Play Store. So the only way to install this free app is by sideloading the APK file. In short, to install the app on your Android tablet or phone, it’s APK file is the only medium that will get the app installed on your device for you.

Does this cover just TV channels?

No, Thoptv has now covered radio channels too. With its latest release, the app has included several thousand radio channels from around the world. So now you will get access to your favorite TV channels as well as to radio channels once you will download and install the app on your device.

ThopTV features summary:

Let’s summarize the features brought by this awesome app for Android users:

  • Free live TV streaming
  • Supports thousands of TV channels
  • Live streams cricket matches
  • Live streams other sports
  • Streams movies & dramas
  • Covers current affairs & news
  • Streams live radio channels
  • Supports MX player for streaming
  • Brings streaming in HD quality
  • Brings minimum ads
  • Very fast & reliable streaming
  • Supports a wide range of devices
  • It gets updates very frequently

These were a few features of this free entertainment Android app. Ready to start using this amazing app to watch your favorite TV channels and to listen to live radio channels on the go? Scroll down to download its latest APK file.

About Developers & Version

Appp Name ThopTV (aka. Thop TV)
Developer Thopster Athen
Latest Version 45.2.3
Last Updated April 23, 2021
Supports Android 4.4 and up

Download Older Versions:

We host the latest APK file as well as the older version files on fast servers. You can download the APK file at blazing fast speeds by clicking the download link below. The latest version of the app is v45.2.3. We will update this page as soon as we get an update to the app.

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