XInternalSD APK For Android

XInternalSD APK

In the previous post, I have shared about what is Xposed and how to install it for every android versions, now here it is just one of an amazing Xposed module that can show the example of a glimpse of Xposed power, it is “XinternalSD” (APK).

XinternalSD is an Xposed module that can redirect Android applications and games preferred storage from internal storage to the external storage (Micro SD card).

On the older post, I have shared about the Foldermount application that more or less is have.

e same objective (to move Android game and app data / OBB to the external SD card). But what differs between XinternalSD and Foldermount is XinternalSD work kinda like by changing the Application behavior, while Foldermount work by manipulating the directory by symlinking.

Well, from my own understanding it’s like XinternalSD is easier to use but the action is limited to the application / game behaviour only, where Foldermount is more complex to use but the usage is universal.

XinternalSD can redirect the application access from internal storage (storage/emulated/0/) to the external SD card (storage/extSdCard/) by changing the targetted application behaviour. For example if an application or game think it must write or read in folder storage/emulated/0/myfiles/ (internal storage), in reality XinternalSD has redirect the application “think” to storage/extSdCard/myfiles/ (external storage).

By that way, we can move the OBB file of HD game that usually > 1GB to the external SD card storage/extSdCard/Android/obb/. It is not only limited to the //Android/  directory, but to whole directory like PPSSPP who use storage/emulated/0/PSP, etc.

Note: storage/emulated/0 = SdCard/

  • XinternalSD Android application Xposed module info
  • app title XinternalSD
  • developer pyler@XDA
  • category: Xposed, Tool
  • system requirements Xposed framework installed.
  • tested on   Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ
  • Steps to redirect Application & Game data to external SD card using XinternalSD


  • Xposed installed


Install XinternalSD APK app (download link is at the end of this post).

Open the Xposed Installer app, tap on “Modules” and check XinternalSD to activate it. Reboot your Android device.

After reboot, open the XinternalSD app, wait for it loading, then tap “enable for apps”.

Select which Android game / application you want to apply the XinternalSD by tick them. After done you can also reboot your Android device first if you want (but on my experience it does not needed).

Done! Run the application / game to test if it work or not. Now the applications or games enabled in XinternalSD that try to access internal storage (storage/emulated/0/) will be redirected to external storage (storage/extSdCard/).

Note: storage/emulated/0/ = SdCard/

Based on my my experience, almost all Android games work by XinternalSD method,for example some Android games that I have played on my Samsung Galaxy V Android phone: GTA (GTA III, GTA VC, GTA SA), Final Fantasy (FFIII, FFIV), FIFA (FIFA 14, FIFA 15), and many more except Angry Bird Transformer.

XinternalSD also worked for all game emulator apps I have installed on my Android phone so far, for example  on PPSSPP (redirected to storage/extSdCard/PSP/) and ePSXe (redirected to storage/extSdCard/epsxe/) emulator.

XinternalSD Android application Xposed module update changelogs.

Download Link

Downloading the working XInternalSD APK for Android from here.

Download XInternalSD APK

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