Youtube Kids Download v1.12.02 APK for Android

Everyone in this world is an Internet freak to sharing videos on different social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. But only kids of today are even surfing YouTube or reading the latest news on Twitter without having an understanding of kids’ websites like YouTube and Google. They are not aware of its importance nor what they can gain from it. Kids of all age groups are also regularly surfing YouTube but have ticed that they are going through the different video clips with their friends while looking forward to a particular feature or exciting new video which is launched by a popular website.


The latest version of YouTube launched by Google is named Jellyfish. It has added some amazing features that can help parents and guardians very easily understand the purpose of using YouTube. Many new features are being added constantly by Google and adding all these features can increase its popularity among kids. There are several reasons behind the popularity of this site among kids. One major reason that can explain its increasing popularity is its new feature called “YOUTUBE” where you can upload and share your own videos.


Apart from this, there are many other new features added by Google for making this app popular among kids. When you download this app for your smartphone, it gives you access to all the famous channels and plays the most interesting videos in a nice and entertaining way. So, if your little one likes to watch videos from your favorite channels then this app can be really useful for them. With this unique feature of YouTube kids APK you can watch the most fascinating and hilarious clips from your TV shows, sports events, concerts, and many more…


The biggest advantage of this unique app is that you can also upload a video clip on demand. So you can easily save your favorite moments which will be played with your kid very often. If your little one follows any live stream on the internet then he/she will also be able to enjoy watching the same on his/her android smartphone. Apart from this, the major functions of this unique application are mentioned below.

Upload Videos:

First of all, you can easily upload video clips to this unique android app. All you need to do is to find an appropriate place on your device where you can store your videos and then you just need to select the ‘APK app’. After this, all you need to do is to upload the video clip on the YouTube kids apk app. Along with uploading you can also create a video. You may also add some comments to the video.

Search Facility:

Moreover, this unique kids app also contains a search facility. You can use this feature to look for various things on the internet. All you need to do is to start searching using any of the popular search engines on the device. Once the result is displayed on the screen, you just need to select the relevant one. To access the home page, you may tap on the ‘Home’ button.

Supports more languages:

The second important function of this unique android app is the support for different languages. In order to help the users to understand different languages and communicate with others easily, this unique kids app provides a multi-lingual mode. With this option, the users are able to surf the internet in their preferred language. In addition to this, the users are also able to share their websites with others using the multi-lingual mode. They just need to copy the URL of their website and then paste it on the ‘Share’ or ‘Share now’ page of the YouTube Kids app.

Widget for Android TV:

The last but not the least useful function of the YouTube Kids for Android TV are its widget. With this widget, you can directly play your favorite videos from your android devices. You don’t need to download the app and use it. Just tap on the video and you are ready to watch it using the widget.

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