YTVanced aka. YouTube Vanced APK Free

We are here with the YouTube Vanced APK file for you. We will talk about YTVanced Android app first and then we will also discuss how to install this amazing app on your Android device. At the end, we will be putting the download links for YTVanced APK file.

What is YTVanced?

Simply said, YTVanced or YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube for Android that blocks ads for you and that brings a lot of other features. All this makes the video watching a pleasure for you using YouTube on your Android devices.

You might have noticed that in recent months, Google has started to push a lot of ads in your way. You are forced to watch an ad in every popular video present on YouTube. Although we should encourage advertising, but sometimes this becomes too much of it. If you are frustrated by the ads that you see while watching a YouTube video, YouTube Vanced is for you.

Features of YouTube Vanced

According to the developers of YouTube Vanced, YouTube Vanced is a super-duper advanced version of the main YouTube app. The YouTube Vanced app has some awesome features like some we are listing below.

Ads Free Experience

As we discussed above, YouTube Vanced gets you rid of the ads that Google pushes your way when you watch videos on YouTube. You can experience an uninterrupted video watching for your favourite TV episode or for any other video on YouTube all thanks to YouTube Vanced.

Better Features

Google listens to their users’ feedback to improve their products, but Vanced’s developers get even closer to their users. The YTVanced developers have kept the best features demanded by the users of their app.

Periodically, Google introduces new features and removes the others from their apps. But YTVanced keeps the most-loved features even if Google removes them. So if you loved a feature in YouTube Android app but if Google removed it, chances are that you will find that feature again YouTube Vanced app.

Moreover, YTVanced app has better captions and other UI features based on user demand and based on their own experience. We don’t say that Google’s own YouTube app is not a good one, but for some users, YouTube Vanced brings the features that they miss in the original app.

Better Privacy

The way ads are served have drastically changed over the last couple of years. Now you are tracked whenever you go online. Whenever you type a search query in Google search, you are tracked. Whenever you visit a product website and leave it, you are tracked.

And then you are targeted with the ads based on your online activities. YouTube app is among those tools that Google use to understand the behaviour of their users. Although you can’t avoid those marketing emails, and those targeted ads in your browser, but you can reduce the tracking a little by avoiding the original YouTube app and by using YouTube Vanced app.

How to Install Youtube Vanced

YouTube Vanced, unluckily, doesn’t come in a single APK file. Instead, it is available in files with extension apks (notice the last s). When users faced issues while installing YouTube Vanced app on their Android devices, the developers of the app have come up with Vanced Manager app.

Here are the steps to install YouTube Vanced app on your device:

  • Download Vanced Manager APK file at below link
  • Copy the APK file to your device if you used your PC to download it
  • Open the Vanced Manager APK file on your device
  • Install Vanced Manager
  • Launched the manager app on your device
  • Follow on-screen instructions to install Vanced app

The Vanced Manager app allows you to easily download and install the Vanced app. It also takes care of updating the YTVanced app whenever a new version is released. So rather downloading the apks files for the main app, download the Manager app APK file below and make the installation extremely simple for you.

YTVanced APK Link

Here is the download link for Vanced Manager APK file. At the moment, the latest version of Vanced app is 15.05.54.

YTVanced APK

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