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In early times when the smartphone was introduced, it was very difficult to use but as we are progressing forward new apps are being made to make mobile an easy to use the device. Android Accessibility Suite APK is a group of accessibility apps that will help you to work on your android device comfortably. Android Accessibility Suite requires Android 6 or later, devices before Android 6 are not compatible with this app. You will find this amazing app on all your phones because this app is already downloaded on every android device by the company. If anyone of you has accidentally deleted this app you can download it from here for free. These types of luxurious apps give their users comfort in using phones. Those people who find it difficult to see can hear what they are clicking. You can control your phone by voice, it will use your phone’s microphone to identify your commands. All these smart features are awesome, people like the ease in their life, and this app has brought us ease for free. 

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 The important features added in this app are 

  • Accessibility Menu: Use the menu on your large screen to lock your phone, control volume, brightness, take screenshots, and much more.  
  • Select to Speak: Select the items on your screen which you want to hear aloud. 
  • Talkback Screen Reader: Now you don’t have to read feedback just hear the feedback, control your device with gestures, and type with an on-screen braille keyboard.  
  • Switch Access: Interact with your Android device using different switches or keyboards instead of the touch screen. 


This smart app has all the features completely safe and secure to use. This is a smart assistance app that helps its users to perform the functions with more ease. For the safety of our users and to keep it free from bugs we are providing new updates to the app. These updates are very light, and we try to keep the app great looking and low space taking. The safety of our users is our priority. 


To start using this app you must follow the steps given below. 

  • First, download this app from the links given at the end. 
  • Open setting in your device. 
  • Then install it on your phone. 
  • Click on the accessibility option. 
  • Select Accessibility Menu, Select to Speak, Switch Access, or Talkback. 
  • For talkback, you can also press and hold both volume keys. 
  • Android Accessibility Suite APK requires Android 6 or later to work properly. 


Android Accessibility Suite observes the state of your phone so it can adapt to the announcements according to your call status. Also, this is an accessibility service app, it can observe the actions you perform, retrieve window content, and observe the text that you type in. As written above this app cannot harm your device in any way. You can download this app from the links below. 

Download Links:

Downloading the latest Android Accessibility Suite APK from here. Feel free to download the working Android Accessibility Suite APK from our site.

Download Android Accessibility Suite APK

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