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USB DEBUGGING ENABLER TOOL APK removes errors from your USBs. This app allows you to fast open the developer’s option. The standard steps for opening the developer options are settings -> developer options. Using this app, all the options will appear automatically when you connect your device to a USB or when you disconnect your device. Then you can easily choose which options do you want to keep enabled or disabled as you did before. With the help of this app, you don’t need to enter the development settings manually, as the app will do it for you automatically. Additionally, it is up to you whether you want to display the developer options or not. It can be displayed only when you connect your device to a USB.   

Table of Contents


  • Enable developer options and USB debugging. 
  • General options 
  • Debugging 
  • Networking 
  • Input 
  • Drawing 
  • Hardware-accelerated rendering 
  • Media 
  • Monitoring 


Debugging options provide you with ways to configure on-device debugging, and helps you to establish communication between the device and your development computer. Enable USB debugging so your Android device can communicate with your development machine through Android Debug Brigade (ADB). The wait for debugger option is unavailable until you use the Select debug app to debug. If you enable it to wait for the debugger to attach before it executes. Other debugging options are:- 

  1. Store logger data persistently on the device. 
  2. Select those log messages which you want to store persistently on your device.  
  3. Select mock location app. 
  4. Use this feature precisely to fake the GPS location of your device to test whether your app behaves the same in other locations. 
  5. Enable GPU to debug layers. 
  6. Enable this option to allow loading Vulkan validation layers from local device storage. 
  7. Enable view attribute inspection. 
  8. It saves view attribute information in the attributes member variable of a view instance so it can be used for debugging. You can access the information about attributes through the layout inspector interface. 


On Android version 8.0 or later you can select quick settings developer tiles to instantly add selected developer options to your quick settings panel. Some of the other options included are as follows 


Display memory status, such as average memory usage, memory performance, total memory used, how much free memory is available, and how much memory is used by the apps. 


Sets a backup password so you can use ADB commands to back up and restore device apps and data under password protection.  


Get a copy of the current device log files to share with someone. When you get notified that the bug report is ready, click on the notification to share it. 


Makes it easier to take clean screenshots by displaying a generic notification bar that does not show notifications or low battery warnings. Enabling demo mode will allow you to change the appearance of the status bar. Or use Show Demo Mode to hide notifications.  


Set your screen to stay open every time you plug it in 


This app keeps the security of its users at the top. These types of apps are hard to get for free. But here we provide you with this app for free. For the convenience of our users, we have given the links below. 

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Download the latest USB Debugging Enabler Tool APK for your Android from here. This is the latest Android tool APK to download free for your device.

Download USB Debugging Enabler Tool APK

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