Force to check for the latest version

About APK Downloader

This tool allows you to download the APK files of all free Android apps and games that exist on Google Play Store. Please note that the tool supports free apps only but if you have purchased a paid app or game already, then we will support the download of its APK in near future through this tool. To avoid the service abuse of Android Market, we do store fetched APKs on our servers and deliver them to you. Just in case you find the downloaded APK's version older, simply check the 'Force to check for the latest version' option and we will refetch the APK for you. Please also keep this in mind that we run (automated) tasks to update our APK archive on daily basis and this ensures that the APK files you are going to download are not outdated.

How to Download APKs?

We require you to provide the package ID or Google Play Store URL of any app or game to download its APK. If you aren't sure what a package ID is, then follow below mentioned steps:
  • Visit the app / game's URL on Google Play Store
  • Look for the id parameter in URL, copy the value after = sign until & sign if present
  • Paste the package ID here in our tool and it will download the APK for you
If this didn't make any sense, then here is a live example URL. This is the URL of Facebook Messenger and to download Facebook Messenger's APK, you will have to copy the package ID like this:
Now in above URL, com.facebook.orca is the package ID of Facebook Messenger. Similarly, you can take the package ID of any other app or game too and simply put in above box to download the APK.