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Bit Heroes
Bit Heroes
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Dev: Kongregate Latest Version: 1.0.30 Updated: May 13

Bit Heroes Free APK Download for Android

Bit Heroes covers the most favorite aspects of your RPGs while having the game on your mobile.  You have to gather and craft a huge number of bits of plunder to build your energy and power. To have a big team you have to build a team by catching monsters and some of the bosses who will fight in favor of you in your old school. This face to face combat, demonstrate you're the best and strong legend in the land by challenging in the PvP (Player vs Player) field, Raids and enjoy the wonderful prize at the weekend. You have to make a strategy to have your friends and some of guidance to fight along with you behalf of you. Build teams with friends who will support to take over all the great castles of treasure. And get 100 creatures who will fight along with you in battle field.

 Here are the some of the top features of Bit Heroes game

  • A statue in the fundamental town of the top worldwide PvP player!
  • Four tremendous zones with more than 52 haphazardly created levels and attacks.
  • Thousands of blend and match bits of plunder to overhaul, make, and reuse.
  • Capture and develop more than 100 animals to battle to win! 
  • Equip incredible pets, for example, drifting pizza, modest unicorns, and that's just the beginning!
  • Share stories and swap methodologies with World Chat and Guild talk.
  • Fight epic bosses & meet new friends & compete in events