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Bubble Genius
Bubble Genius
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Dev: Outplay Entertainment Ltd Latest Version: 1.38.0 Updated: Jun 04

Bubble Genius Free APK Download for Android

Penny is in huge problem and the solution is the popping, you heard right, popping the bubbles is the solution. Penny's bubble generator has been lost and a crack scientist is using it to trap everyone in the huge huge bubbles. The rival has stolen the bubble generator and is now trapping people into the bubble. You see, this evil scientist is such a mess that needs cleaning. The town is in huge problems and you have to defend the town by using Penny's interesting inventions. Help them!

Cool features of this app are as follows.

  • All you have to do is pop the bubbles and save the town.
  • There a more than 300 popping levels to have fun while defending.
  • Take an adventure and travel through the amazing places that are filled with adorable characters.
  • There are boss levels, thrilling battles and adventurous landscapes.
  • There are various game play modes.
  • You have to pop the bubbles that float, merge and spin.
  • You can power up penny's inventions by popping the chains.
  • Top the leader boards and show it off.

Download the APK and get popping.