Bubble Shooter Classic APK

Bubble Shooter Classic
Bubble Shooter Classic
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Dev: Pierre Chambleau Latest Version: 1.8 Updated: Dec 04

Bubble Shooter Classic Free APK Download for Android

Bubble Shooter Classic is a beautiful arcade game that enables you to bring on some real fun on your mobile phone when you have nothing else to do. The game has a gameplay like many such arcade games in which you purpose is to shoot the bubbles and align the bubbles of same colors in a specific order to blast them off and earn points. There are a lot of levels in this game and they become difficult as you progress through the game. Download the free APK for Bubble Shooter Classic right now from our website to play this amazing arcade game.

Here are some of the main features of the Bubble Shooter Classic.

1. Move the bow to aim at the bubbles and shoot the bubble with the color of its resemblance. Blow them off by aligning them in a specific order such as vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

2. As you blast the bubbles off they reduce down in number and you will need to complete the level in the given time.

3. You can’t play another level unless you have completed the first one just like it happens in the conventional arcade game.

4. If you completed the previous levels but weren’t good enough then play them again to do better this time.

5. Beautiful graphics and even supported on the lower android operating systems.

Download the free APK for this amazing arcade game named Bubble Shooter Classic and install it to bring on the real arcade fun on your mobile!