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Device Control [root]
Device Control [root]
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Dev: Alexander Martinz Latest Version: Updated: Dec 25

Device Control [root] Free APK Download for Android

Device Control [root] is an open source project and the app is listed on Google Play Store also. With Device Control [root], you can perform several actions related to file management and others. Please beware that this app only works on rooted Android devices as well as it performs advance operations. If you aren't sure about its features, you must first read it about the app here otherwise, your Android tablet or the phone's file system may break and your device may become unstable.

As stated earlier, Device Control [root] only works on rooted Android devices. If your device isn't rooted yet, try any rooting app like Kingroot, Root Master, Root all devices or any other before installing Device Control [root]. On rooted phones and tablets, Device Control [root] provides below features. Download APK file of Device Control [root] to install this advanced tool on your device.

Device Control [root] Features

Device Control [root] comes with an inbuilt tasker app which lets you manage tasks on your device. You don't need to install any third-party tasker app to manage tasks after installing Device Control [root]. In addition, you can manage installed apps easily with this app. A wireless file manager is also there which enables you to manage your files remotely through a web browser.

Vibration strength, Knock-On, LCD brightness intensity and many other core system values can be adjusted with Device Control [root] easily. By making adjustments like these, where you will be able to save on power, you will also be able to boost your Android device's performance too. CPU frequencies, I/O processes, and other values can be adjusted also. In addition to all these, several other advanced settings like kernel specific modifications can be also made which makes Device Control [root] an advanced and system level app capable of doing much more than basics.

Just in case you are in a hurry to go out but your device's battery needs to be recharged, Device Control [root] comes handy. The app enables fast charging of battery so you can charge your device's battery in a shorter span of time. Beware that this action may reduce your device's battery life or it may put negative impacts on your device's overall health, so use this feature only when you need this desperately.

Device Control [root] contains an intelligent monitor which keeps looking on your device's CPU performance. It can inform you when CPU frequency / processes are abnormal. Moreover, you can also keep tracking the temperature of your device and its battery. All this helps you prolong your device's battery life as well as the overall age of your Android tablet or the phone. 

To test all these features and much more, download APK file of Device Control [root] from our website for free. Download APK file, install the app and get a combo tool which contains a lot of system apps in a single place.