Tiny Flashlight + LED APK

Tiny Flashlight + LED
Tiny Flashlight + LED
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Dev: Nikolay Ananiev Latest Version: 5.2.4 Updated: Dec 26

Tiny Flashlight + LED Free APK Download for Android

Tiny Flashlight + LED is a tiny tool for your Android device that will help you illuminate the darks with your phone anywhere, anytime. This free app is packed with multiple features that include strobe, blinking, and some other light modes. The app makes use of your Android phone or tablet's LED (flashlight) so you will be always carrying a torch with you and you can start illuminating your environments virtually anywhere, assuming that no one affords to travel or go out without a mobile phone these days. Download Tiny Flashlight + LED free APK file now and install this tiny yet powerful torch application on your Android device right away.

Warning: Longer usage of the torch applications on Android devices isn't recommended as these applications make the heavy use of your device's battery power and thus Tiny Flashlight + LED may reduce the lifespan of your device's battery life. So use this app only when needed and try to minimize the usage time to ensure that your device doesn't run out of battery power quickly as well as the device's battery health stays good in long run. You may consider reading this article to improve the battery life of your Android device.