DU Flashlight - Brightness LED APK

DU Flashlight - Brightness LED
DU Flashlight - Brightness LED
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Dev: DU Apps Latest Version: Updated: Jun 12

DU Flashlight - Brightness LED Free APK Download for Android

If you want to have the brightest and quickest flashlight for your Android phones or tablets, you must download the DU Flashlight (APK). You might have never used the flashlight more brilliant than this one. It is the easiest flashlight app you can have, and you can only come to know this once you use it. DU Flashlight is free to download. It is very compact. Besides, it is expedient, convenient and very fitting for your phones, which gives you many useful and innovative lighting features without consuming excessive resources on your device.

The app has been brought to you by the creators of most popular DU BATTERY SAVER, that is the best leading battery saver in the world, and it is a power manager which can extend your phone's battery up to 70 percent. After having a lot of requests from the people to add additional features in this flashlight, the more hard work is being done to make this flashlight application more improved and advanced and bringing a lot of more fun for you.

The creators of DU flashlight are very glad to have a lot of support and suggestions from the app's users and welcome them to send more. The most notable features of the DU flashlight are the following.

  • It is the smartest and the brightest flashlight in the history
  • No other application can beat it in its fantastic lighting effects
  • It has been adapted to more than one thousand Android models, and the list is still growing. So you can enjoy it in its more modified form
  • DU Flashlight - Brightness LED has got dual flashlight options, including Light Emitting Diode (LED) flashlight and Screen flashlight
  • The app has various kinds of lights. It has colorful lights as well.  The variety of different lights and colorful screen modes has made it more amusing for you
  • Strobe light, Police light, for instance are some examples of different modes
  • The app is  is very manageable and easy to use. You can use flashlight interface with one-touch control
  • DU Flashlight is very slight and small application which does not put any big load on your phones or tablets and let you use it evenly
  • Its usage of memory is also very low. It does not need much battery; you can use it for a long time even when your battery is low
  • Moreover, its CPU consumption is very less, so you never face any trouble while using it

To illuminate your dark environments without carrying a separate torch, just download DU Flashlight - Brightness LED apk file. It is free. Download the app for free on this page and start illuminating your device whenever you need light in a darker area.