Easy Backup & Restore APK

Easy Backup & Restore
Easy Backup & Restore
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Dev: MDroid Apps Latest Version: 4.9.9 Updated: May 03

Easy Backup & Restore Free APK Download for Android

This is the simplest and complete data backup tool for your Android device that allows you to save all your important things to the desired storage. It is totally up to you whether you create backups manually or schedule the backups. All your storage can be saved in your One drive, Dropbox, Gmail or other cloud spaces. This tool helps you get your important information back if you reset your phone or something happens to your phone. All you have to do is download the APK file and get all your data secure and safe.

Features of this app are as follows. 

You can save all your text messages and restore them whenever you want. 
You can save your mms messages. 
You can save your call logs and details. 
You can save important calendars. 
You can save bookmarks of your favorite sites and blogs. 
You can save your favorite words of the dictionary and the searches you conducted.  
You can also save the apps on cloud storages and access the stored apps whenever you want. 
You can back up the application data and get it back whenever you install the app again. 
You can also email the backup content to anyone.  
Get to see the backup consent anytime anywhere.

Download the app and secure your data completely.