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Dev: Arnold Rauers Latest Version: 1.0.3 Updated: Oct 26

ENYO Free APK Download for Android

The goddesses from the Greek mythology is on her quest to find the 3 hidden artifacts hidden somewhere in the labyrinth. The only items to use on her journey is a shield and a hook where she can use to come down the place. There are a lot of dangerous enemies waiting for her to kill and fail ENYO in her mission. You can kill the enemies since the scenario is not for the direct combat, however, you can push them in the fire pits and spiked walls to kills them and get rid of the serpents. Download the free APK for ENYO right now from our website and help the green goddesses ENYO succeed in her mission. You are going to get a lot of entertainment as a reward.

The game is placed somewhere in Greece where the goddesses ENYO has embarked on a journey to find 3 hidden artifacts hidden in the labyrinth. It is very important for her to find them and you are going to help her. While she descends on her way down, use the hook and shield shove away enemies from her way into the spiked walls and fire pits to get rid of them and clear the way for her. This game may seem simple but it will be very tricky to complete and reach your destination.

The graphics, music and controls of the game are pretty impressive and everything is designed beautifully. The enemies, the goddesses, and the environment has good sharp textures with colors to make it look even more beautiful. The game can be connected online to join the scoreboards and see how good you are among your friends and rest of the world. If you are ready to embark upon this adventures then download the free APK right now from our site and help the goddesses with her quest.