Gem Raiders

Gem Raiders

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Aug 19, 2018


Version 1.65



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Aug 19, 2018


Gem Raiders by APKBucket Editorial

Strategies are made for different purposes and keep practicing them makes you better. They come really handy when you have something very precious to protect. Just like in this game, where you have to protect your precious gems on which enemies have set their eyes. Make the best strategies you can to protect your gems and destroy the enemies who want to steal them. This game requires you to be very active about what’s happening in your environment. To install the Gem Raiders, download the free APK from our site website and start playing this epic strategy game on your mobile.

Stand guard to protect your gems from the eyes of the enemy. Design different mazes so that your enemies gets destroyed in them and never get the scent of your gems. Steal more and more gems by attacking the other player to increase your treasure. Make strategies to easily invade the enemy mazes and steal their gems to rule the world. The game is designed with beautiful graphics along with impressive visual and audio effects and the music, which makes this game absolutely perfect. There are more than 90 stages Gem Raiders which makes it even exciting to play.

To install the game, download the free APK from our site and start playing the most exciting strategic game.

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