Fun Run 2

Fun Run 2

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Aug 19, 2018




Version 4.6



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Aug 19, 2018


Fun Run 2 by Dirtybit

The most exciting and interesting good running game where you run with all your might and energy and show your skills to your friends and everyone around. You can challenge of random people in this real time racing game. You can run with all your energy and prove yourself the fastest. This game has been installed 25 million times and all the people who have installed it have given so many amazing reviews about it. You can use various powers in this running game. All the features on here for you to win let's see how!

This game is easy to play but is really hard to master. Running is not as easy as it seems. It really takes up a lot of energy for you to prove yourselves the fastest in your clan. You can catch, slash, magnetize and electrify your running mates to make them lose the game. Yeah, and it's fair because it is war. You are going to get addicted to this amazing game in no time. There are so many obstacles in your way that you have to pass.

Probably the coolest game you have ever played. The most essential an amazing part of this game is the multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge your friends and family and also random people around the world and stand out and then after you win the races. Obviously, there are so many cover-ups and two weeks for you to win and it's all up to you how you use them in your winning Journey.

You can invite and challenge your friends in this amazing running game. You get to compete with the most authentic and perfect players of this game. There's so many cute characters that you can choose from. You can dress yourself up and choose the best Avatar with cool hats, boots and sunglasses to show off and stand out in the crowd with your style. Become the coolest character and also the winner with this Fun Run 2 game.

Download the APK file and prove yourself the best among your clan.


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