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About GameGuardian

GameGuardian (also known as Game Guardian) is yet another game hacking app like Game Killer which let's you modify the scores, money, coins and gems in an offline game. This app also requires root access so you must root your device before start hacking any games. Detailed instructions on how to root an Android device can be found here. Remember that GameGuardian isn't encouraged on paid games so you must test it experimentally or hack free games on your own risk.

GameGuardian lets you search for score values in your game and once the value is found, you can change it to your desired value. Say you have earned 200 points in your favorite game. Now in GameGuardian, search for 200 numeric value and results will be returned. You can then identify and modify your score from there by entering a desired value, i.e. 200000, in specified field.

The app provides multiple search options which allow you to find score values even if they aren't entered exactly. You can specify difference to search values between the defined ones as well as fuzzy search feature of the app makes searching more flexible and powerful for known and unknown score values in games. To try GameGuardian on any game, simply download its APK file below.

Other game hacking apps like SBMan Game Hacker and Game Killer also work in the same way this app does. If it fails in modifying the game scores and coins, you can try any of above discussed ones. Remember once again that you must use GameGuardian for ethical hacking of games and your actions should never result in any legal offenses.

So once downloaded and installed, the app will ensure that you never get out of coins and points while playing your favorite game. Moreover, you can purchase upgrades and in-game items too. You can unlock unlimited stages and you will never stay curious about any stage. Just a reminder that this app will not be able to hack the game if it syncs scores online and needs an Internet connection. To hack the game scores on your device's local database, download APK file of GameGuardian Android app below.

If the app fails in modifying the game scores, you should check that your device has root access enabled as well as the game your are trying to modify is an offline one. We have discussed both of these above so you must root your device before trying GameGuardian as well as you should ensure that the game does not depend on an active Internet connection.

GameGuardian APK Details

Current Version 83.0 (15206)
Has Split APKs No
Has OBB Data No
Installation Size 17.7 MB
Downloads 42

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