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Dev: iLauncher Latest Version: 3.1.4 Updated: May 23

iLauncher Free APK Download for Android

On the off chance that you are an iPhone fan yet for some reasons you are constrained to utilize Android or if only for no particular reason you need to have iOS encounter then you are at the perfect spot to know how you can give iPhone look to your Android. We're going to acquaint you with a portion of the best iOS launcher for Android.  It was a quite require upgrade in the iOS scene where individuals pretty much had it with IOS 6 including myself. At any rate, along comes I Launcher for Android and in this, we do a speedy survey on the application. I have it introduced on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Android 4.1.2 and I do need to say it's a pleasant looking topic and adds a revived look to the gadget when joined with the android looking over wallpaper.

The move impacts are pleasant with a not too bad measure of ease found on Apple gadgets. For $2.06 you can have this application complete with the long press to erase wiggle symbol activity you find on IOS gadgets, you can likewise have either four or five symbol lines, for and it underpins envelopes also. In the event that you adore your gadgets well, you can forget about it with this subject as there is no backing for gadgets in iLauncher starting yet, which can be a deal breaker for a few people.

You do get identification warnings on your Gmail and ambassador application which I like, however, some may inquire as to why might you need an IOS launcher on that excellent Android gadget taking up 5.89MB of capacity?  Well, the answer in short is on account of you can. To be straightforward its a nice topic however I would not utilize it on my day by day driver, since I incline toward Android for the customization it brings to the table and there are huge amounts of rooms out there that are miles in front of iLauncher. Download launcher's apk file to install it. Be that as it may if you're searching for a subject to flavor up your android gadget and you have $2.06 to smolder then this application is the one for you. It has Smooth Scrolling, Delete from home screen, iPhone 5 style 5th row, Transition effects and many other features. So download this amazing app right now from our website and have an amazing iOS experience on your android.