Killer Shooter Crime APK

Killer Shooter Crime
Killer Shooter Crime
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Dev: Gun4Assassin Apps Latest Version: 1.5.4 Updated: Sep 01

Killer Shooter Crime Free APK Download for Android

Your city is overrun by a group of bandits who are causing chaos and terror in the hearts of citizens. The police is helpless because they are too powerful to be handled by them. There are crime and robbery all over the city and the citizens are praying for a savior in this time of turmoil. Could this hero be you? Find out by playing this exciting shooter game named Killer Shooter Crime and take back your city from the criminal mob. Install this game by downloading the free APK from our website and become a hero at the times of chaos. Here are some game modes and features that you are going enjoy in this game.

Most Challenging first-person Shooter.

This game will be one of the most challenging first person shooters you have ever played on the android systems. With the help of police, take out the criminal mob which is trying to take over and destroy the peace in your city. This game will be a real challenge and you will need some good 1st person skills to beat the serpents. As you make progress in the game, the enemy groups will be more difficult to beat. Make sure that you upgrade your skills and weapons to be at their level and beat the hell out of them. This will be one of the most stunning shooting game you have ever played.

Advanced Weapons.

The weapons used in the game are very advanced with amazing customization items. There are assault rifles, sniper rifles, and side-arms to make yourself on the same level as the criminals are. You can do customization in your guns according to your choice and see if you can free the city. The game is full action packed where there will be smoke, sounds of fire, and an intense chaotic environment that will change your gaming experience.

There are a lot of missions in the game to complete and each mission gets harder than the one before. The graphics are awesome with realistic gunfire, sounds of the weapons, realistic weather simulations and much more that you will find out. This will game do seem easy but will be a real challenge to master at first. The intense fighting environment will make you feel like being in a real battlefield.

These features are enough to convince you that you should install this game by downloading the free APK from our website and become a hero for your city.