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Memorado is a great and leading game app for the minds. A sturdy brain leads to a happy life. There are more than four million globe users of the Memorado who are enjoying the app highly.  It not only provides fun, but also personalizes workouts geared towards boosting your memory, and improves your concentration and reaction skills. There are over 450 levels in 15 games, in the app, based on neuroscience that are created to help your brain get sharper, every day. In the Memorado, you can challenge your friends to discover that who is the smartest, in our all-new Brain Duel. The app allows you to personalize daily workouts configured as per your preferences. There are more than 450 fun levels in 15 games to focus and train five key brain areas, such as memory, concentration, logic, reaction and speed. The graphics and themes of the app are so stunning and combined with easy usability. Memorado takes regular scientific tests and lets you aware of your brain’s fitness levels and progress. It also shows statistics to reveal your strengths and potential for more improvements. With the help of Memorado, you can quickly boost your skills that are essential for the real life, for instance, Mathematics, problem-solving and logic.

Memorado is developed by the neuroscientists, so it is at the forefront of neuroscience. The in-house team of neuroscientists has designed games to train and sharpen your memory, concentration and much more. All the games are based on the science of neuroplasticity, and the studies have revealed that brain training exercises or activities enhance your working memory and fluid intelligence.

No matter if you are a young or an old person, Memorado works as a brain gym for you which is designed to help you out in reaching your full potential. Besides, brain games help a lot in training your working memory, and make sure faster learning and improvement in mind connectivity. Lately, the scientists have discovered that strong brain connectivity is a major component of human astuteness and may decelerate dementia. Hence, to boost your IQ level up and your all-round cognitive fitness, take Memorado as your personal brain trainer, as is the smartest way to keep your mind in top shape. Memorado is entirely free to download; however, for more advanced features you can download its premium version as well.


Developer: Memorado Gmbh


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