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Word Search Game APK v5.5 Latest Download at APKBucket

Word Search Game v5.5 APK

App name: Word Search Game

APK Version: 5.5

File size: 13.89MB

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‘Word Search Game’ is very entertaining game for you if you like word searching. This letter puzzle game is certain to surprise you when you start playing it. Edujoy’s word search game is very easy to play. It is the ideal game for hours of fun entertainment while training your brain. It is appropriate for both children and adults. Playing the game will result in an educational and enriching experience. There are different levels of difficulty in the game that makes it perfect for everyone who is on the lookout for words on board. It is the perfect game for little kids. The board is 6 x 6, so it is easy to find the words and solve the puzzle. Besides, the clue system helps you discover a new word when the child is stuck in a movement. There is a medium level too. In the medium level, the board is built in 9 x 9. As you move up in the game, the level becomes much more challenging and exigent than the last because it is considered for older children. Afterward, there is a hard level in which the board is 12 x 12, and each game is tougher than the previous level. This level is created for adults who are looking to test and train their minds with a classic puzzle game. After that, you are presented extreme level. Only the skilled and bravest may face this level.
‘Word Search Game’ is a classic mental game for all ages. You have to find the hidden words. There are five levels of difficulty for all ages; simple for children all the way up to extreme for elders and skilled people the app is available in several languages, which makes you learn new vocabulary in other languages. If you are to learn Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Polish, and Turkish, then you must download and play this game.

Developer: AppQuiz


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