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MoboPlayer 2.0
MoboPlayer 2.0
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Dev: MoboPlayer 2.0 Latest Version: 2.1.19 Updated: Jul 03

MoboPlayer 2.0 Free APK Download for Android

In the never ending universe of Android applications, competition on music and video players is tough like hell and to make a video player that would compel the users to download and use requires great skill and idea. There are so many players such as VLC, MX and also built-in ones in the android are cooler so why would anyone go for some other player.

MoboPlayer is one of those video players in the Android universe which has really touched the hearts of users due to its cool and unique features that compels a user to use something other than VLC or MX. So why is MoboPlayer so cool? Let’s have a quick review on all the features of this video player.   MoboPlayer at first solves your main problem which is the format support. Most video players cause the problem of unsupported video formats. Same is not the case with MoboPlayer. It supports all of the major video formats that are being used now-a-days all over the world. Plus, it doesn’t need any converter or something, it directly plays all the videos that you open in it.

MoboPlayer supports all subtitle formats such as SRT, SAA and ASS. You can import subtitles and also it players already merged subtitles in the video. It supports subtitles from all merged video formats such as MKV, MOV, MPV and many others. If you are running a file that multiple audio tracks and or subtitle tracks, then don’t because you can choose anyone of them you want to play.

You can create video playlists to play them in sequence. Create playlists of your favorite so that you won’t need to find and play them randomly. It supports all type of quality videos if supported by your Android phone operating system. You can create your own video libraries which put all your videos in an organized manner.

Using MoboPlayer, you can stream online videos from web servers such as HTSP and RTSP protocols. Your videos are displayed in thumbnail pattern which is really good when you want to play a video and you will know what’s in it. So what else do you want from a video player? Everything you want is in MoboPlayer so download it now from our website and have fun!