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Muzzley is the genuine way of controlling the Home. It allows the typical cause effect rules within a set of compatibility that no other players are offering. Muzzley is focusing on mainstream devices and some old legacy devices helping people migrate to the new ones.

Their intelligent suggestions made my day when they started to simply suggest me to simulate presence using my lights as I was abroad. Smart of them and very helpful to me.

Highly recommended!

The number of devices that work with Muzzley is quite impressive, and a testament not only to Muzzley’s own abilities, but also to the growing awareness in the tech space of needing to work together.
Muzzley works with thermostats by ecobee and Nest, lighting from Philips and LIFX, Nest’s Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector, the WeMo Crock-Pot and coffee machine, as well as the aforementioned garden sensors from Koubachi and GreenIQ.
With this many products on board, creating a truly smart home is becoming increasingly likely.
“In the past, users of home connected devices have been forced to manually set up rules to manage their devices,” explained the company CEO, Domingos Bruges. “This tedious process essentially requires the user to adapt to the device. That’s backwards! By adding intelligent predictive behavior to our platform Muzzley is bringing a new experience to users that enables intelligent home devices to adapt to the user. This is the way forward.”
“Moreover, smart device manufacturers benefit greatly from integrating with our platform,” continued Bruges. “Muzzley not only provides these makers with the technology, documentation and tools they need to enhance their products. Our new intelligence feature also makes it much easier for their customers to use their products. Ease of use and rapid time-to-market translates to a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.”
Whether or not Muzzley holds out as the dominant app for creating links between smart home devices is up to the future to tell us, but for the moment, and with all its numerous integrations, Muzzley is providing something that will be hard to beat.

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Developer: muzzley


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