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OI File Manager
OI File Manager
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Dev: OpenIntents Latest Version: 2.0.5 Updated: Jul 03

OI File Manager Free APK Download for Android

With OI File Manager, browser the SD card and internal storage of your device easily. Browse files and directories and create, edit and delete already present stuff. You can easily move files and folders between different locations on the fly with OI File Manager. Moreover, the app integrates itself with other apps and show save / open dialogues.

OI File Manager is a simple file manager which comes with some solid features for file management on Android devices. Download apk file of the app below and start managing your files and folders the easy way. Once installed, OI File Manager scans your device's memory and lists all files stored there. Then you can edit, move, copy and delete files and folders when needed.

You can create new directories easily to store and manage data. Moreover, files can be sent via email to others. One beautiful feature of OI File Manager is its integration with other apps. For example you can integrate this app with Gmail app to attach files easily to emails. Many other features are there which make OI File Manager a powerful free file manager for Android. Download its apk for free or visit official website of the app.