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Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach
Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach
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Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach Free APK Download for Android



If you are to lose your body weight and be healthy, "Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach" is the best app for you. You just have to download the app, and it will track your steps for you as long as your phone is with you. It lets you check all of your histories from the 'Trends' Tab. Join the app right now and support and encourage your friends from the 'Groups' Tab. You can easily track your weight from the 'Me' tab in "Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach". Once you install the app, visit "Pedometer Preferences" and adjust Pedometer mode if you think that the step counter is not working and recording your steps accurately. If you are using cleaning tools in your cell, you need to add "Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach" to the "ignore" list so that the step counter does not get stopped. As everyone is unlike, ensure to adjust the step counter’s sensitivity if it is needed.

If the main screen is off or locked, some phones simply will not count steps. So, if you encounter any problem, and the above steps don't work, it might be a limitation of your mobile phones or tablets. Besides, please drop us your feedback at our support e-mail, and the team of "Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach" will do its best to help you.

"Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach" is very easy to use. No other hardware or wristbands are required. The app works entirely from your phone with no further setup. You do not even need to log on the website. Just download the app for free and start tracking your exercise right away. With the help of it, you can track all your fitness activities. The feature of Built-in pedometer tracks your steps all day long, no matter if your phone is in your hand, in your jacket, in your pocket, in your purse, or in an armband. It accurately records your steps, distance, calories, and active time whether you enjoy walking, running or jogging. So get on the app and give your exercise a boost by using GPS to track your outdoor running, biking and walking on a map as it is the great companion for your Quantified Self.